High Power 1064nM PM Bandpass filter 2 nM

This is a High power band-pass filter that will pass frequencies within a predefined range and reject or attenuate frequencies outside of that range. Various ranges are available.

  Low Insertion Loss & PDL 
  High Isolation 
  High stability 
  High reliability

  1550 or 1557 nM  

Passband Width: 
  2 nM and 5nM or customize

Power Rating:
 500W and higher power ratings on request

Fiber Type:
  Panda Fiber

Fiber Length:
  0.8M or custom
  Various connector options

Pigtail Options:
  250um bare fiber 
  900um loose tube

  Fiber Laser systems
  Optical testing equipment

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pdficon slim Download the Optosun Band Pass 1550 1557 high power PM PDF here