Single Mode Pump Laser protector 975 nM

The Single Mode Pump Laser Protector - This single mode passive optical device will allow maximum transmission from a discrete fibre-coupled pump laser diode but block unwanted signals that emerge around the centre wavelength of the laser from being reflected back into the laser.

This is centered around 975nM but different Bandwidths are also available.

  Low Insertion Loss & PDL 
  High Isolation 
  High stability 
  High reliability

Pump Wavelength:
  915 nM or 975 wavelength

Power Rating:
  1W, 10W and 25W

Fiber Type:
  HI 1060 Fiber

Fiber Length:
  0.8M or custom

Pigtail Options:
  900um loose tube

  Fiber Laser systems
  Optical testing equipment

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