Polarization Beam Splitter Combiner

The Polarization Beam splitter / Combiner module device 2000Nm can be used for two purposes:

1. To combine light beams from two Polarization maintained input fibers into one single output.

2. Used as a polarization beam splitter from a signal to an input fiber giving an orthogonal polarization signal to two output fibers.

These devices are often used in optical system mux / demux to increase transmission capacities. They are also used in Optical amplifiers as pump combiners, combining the output from two pump lasers into one single fiber, therefore increasing the optical amplifier’s saturation power, thus reducing its polarization sensitivity.

PBS devices have a very wide operation bandwidth and high power handling capability (up to 5W) making the device ideal for providing pump power to Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifier (EDFA) and Raman Amplifiers.

  High isolation and Extinction Ratio 
  Low insertion loss,
  High stability and reliability

  2000 nM
  Fiber type:
  PM Fiber

Port type: 

Port arrangement:
  Slow axis align to Port 1
  Slow axis align 45° to port 1

Pigtail style:
  250um bare fiber 
  900um loose tube

Connector Options:

  Fiber Laser Modules, systems and equipment

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