Passive Optical components & devices used within Fiber Optic Products & Equipment

Fiber Optic Technology is essential for functionality in todays demanding products, platforms and infrastructure, across various industries and applications. Optosun have one of the widest ranges of Passive Optical components and devices, each one offering many options and variations.



Erbium-doped fiber amplifiers are also known as EDFA

EDFA devices amplify Optical Signals directly, with no requirement for any conversion to an electrical signal to achieve this. They do this by using the principle of stimulated radiation of the EDF fiber

As a comparison, Raman amplification achieves this task differently, by using the Raman effect, which utilises energy conversion as a means to amplify optical signals.


EDFAs are used extensively in FTTH systems and applications. They receive an optical signal from the broadcast optical transmitter source and then amplify it.

When used within HFC networks, EDFA devices normally operate around the 1535 to 1565 nm wavebands.

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